Who We Are

Founded in 1976, Motor City Packards is a Michigan-based club for enthusiasts of the Packard Motor Car Company and its products. Though we operate primarily out of the Detroit metropolitan area, home of Packard, we have members across the nation and around the globe.

Motor City Packards offers its members camaraderie as well as historical insight and technical know-how. We hold regular social events, and publish The Packard Digest newsletter six times a year. You do not need to own a Packard to join!

Featured Posts

September 2021 Monthly Member Spotlight

After a lengthy hiatus, the Monthly Member Spotlight returns with a focus on Gary and Cindy Minnie, who have been Motor City Packard members since 2000. Gary’s Packard memories stretch way back to his childhood, when grandparents on both sides of the family were proud Packard owners. It should come as no surprise that the Minnies own a Prewar Packard today.

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